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Cálle Modista ~ Reproduction 60s Clothing and Accessories, including 60s Dresses, Mod Scarves, 60s Blouses, Shirts and Mini Skirts, Mod and Psychedelic styles

'How and Where to Measure' Sizing Information

Size Measurements

Clothing items are shown with a size to fit. Once you click the link to Calle Modista's Etsy shop you will find further information, including more size to fit measurements, and also 'garment laid flat measurements' where appropriate, along with details about fit, fabric and washing-care instructions.

What size are you?

All measurements should be taken with the tape measure straight around the body and without pulling the tape measure tight as it will alter the reading.
BUST/CHEST: Measure the fullest part of your bust/chest. For Women: Measure the fullest part of the bust rather than under the bust.

(Measurements should be made whilst wearing a bra, if your undergarments increase/decrease size significantly)
WAIST: This is the natural waistline, the narrowest part of the torso between the top of the hip and the base of the ribcage.
HIP: Measure the fullest part of the hips, across the buttocks, this is usually between 8 - 9 inches below the wai

Cálle Modista uses Standard UK sizing 

This is a basic guide to the size module used to determine 'size to fit'. These are based on 1960s sizings which can be smaller than modern shop sizes.

These sizes do not take into account each garments individual style/shape. Please see more detailed sizing information provided with each garment, to ensure fit.

Womens in Inches                                                                                    Womens in Cm

Size 8:         Bust =32.5"      Waist = 24"       Hip = 34"                    Bust = 83cm        Waist = 61cm        Hip = 86cm

Size 10:       Bust =34"        Waist = 26"       Hip = 36"                     Bust = 86cm        Waist = 66cm        Hip = 91cm

Size 12:       Bust =36"        Waist = 28"       Hip = 38"                     Bust = 91cm         Waist = 71cm        Hip = 97cm

Size 14:       Bust = 38"       Waist = 30"       Hip = 40"                     Bust = 97cm         Waist = 76cm        Hip = 102cm

Size 16:       Bust = 40"       Waist = 32"       Hip = 42"                     Bust = 102cm       Waist = 81cm       Hip = 107cm


Mens in Inches                                           Mens in Cm                                                     Collar Size

Size XS:         Chest 36"                               Chest = 91cm                                           14.5"  (37cm)

Size S:           Chest 38"                               Chest = 97cm                                           15"       (38cm)

Size M:          Chest 40"                               Chest = 102cm                                        15.5"   (39.5cm)

Size L:           Chest 42"                               Chest = 107cm                                         16"       (40.5cm)

Size XL:         Chest 44"                               Chest = 112cm                                         16.5"    (42cm)

Garment Laid Flat Measurements:

'Garment laid flat measurements' are useful for comparison to other clothing which you know fits you and can also be used for sizing. 

Sizing from Garment Laid Flat Measurement:

 If using 'garment laid flat' measurements for sizing, these figures should be doubled and 1- 2 inches allowed for ease,

 ( 2" for a comfortable fit,  1" ease for where the garment is close/tight fitting). 
For Example, to fit a 34" (86 cm) bust, the dress should measure 18" (46 cm) laid flat, so when doubled the total garment measurement is 36" or 91 cm,  (34" with 2" to allow for movement, or 86 cm plus 5 cm for movement) 

ARMHOLE TO ARMHOLE: this measurement is taken from the underarm (armpit) across the bust/body.

WAIST: this is where the garment is garment is at its narrowest, this can also be found using the back/waist length
HIP TO HIP: The hip line measurement is taken approx 8"- 9" (20-23 cm) below the waist.
LENGTH: Length measurements are taken from the shoulder/back neckline to the hem. 
BACK / WAIST LENGTH: Back - Waist length is from the back neckline to the waist. This measurement is important if you are short or long-waisted.

In order to ensure you are pleased with your purchase please ask any questions regarding size, fit, colour etc prior to buying. 


If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will be happy to help. 


  Thank you for looking!

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